Productivity advice – work-life balance is for losers

I didn’t come up with this statement but I agree. I never believe in work-life balance. But, I also don’t think that people who believe in this mantra are losers.

People who believe in work-life balance because they don’t like what they do. Most people burnout because they chase the wrong goals – probably money and status. I feel proud of every solution I come up to help people. I then move on to the next things.

What I choose to do is I choose an “integrated lifestyle”. I choose to do things I enjoy throughout the day. Those activities could be a mix of work and family. It doesn’t have to be that I only spend times with my family during weekends, with no work. I wake up early to study and work while my family is sleeping. I don’t enjoy everything I do at work. But I try to do the work I don’t enjoy as quick as possible.

Fulfilment is the right word for your productivity life. It’s a true source of happiness.

And, remember this…

Practices once a week aren’t habits at all. They are obligations.

Jeff Goins