Please leave me alone

I am approached by a lot of external suppliers / vendors. They normally contact me using emails or LinkedIn requests. The most annoying way is they contact my boss or my CEO. You know what? I’ve never used any of them. They just wasted my time.

Assuming that they see this blog post, I want to explain to them that I have a strategy. It means I know which direction I am heading and what I want to achieve. If I see gaps in my resources, I will search for what I want. I normally use Google search or ask people around me for the services I need.

Having said that if those vendors want to get my attention, they may want to change their approach. Instead of bombarding me with what their services could do fore me, they should start by asking me what my (business) problems are. They should ask about me, my worry, my concerns, or what keep me awake at night first. It’s not all about them.