Marketing for unattractive product

I don’t know how to write the headline of today’s post. There is an argument that marketing cannot make you rich if your product is not unique and competitive. I agree with this argument. I once read somewhere that advising is a tax you pay on your unattractive (or mediocre) product.

Having said that what if you, a marketer, don’t have a choice. It’s your job and you are not ready to move on. So, you get stuck with this mediocre product. I am in this situation. And, my solution is I apply 2 principles of marketing which are 1) no product is designed for everyone (search for the right target market), and 2) create a minimal viable audience.

Everyone has to adapt and everything has a life cycle. Every story has an ending moment. A restrictive product is difficult to market. It requires a great understanding from the top. But, I believe marketers can make a difference.