Content strategy – 2 views about content creation

Creating great content is more important than ever. Content is a great way for your company and product to engage with customers. However, how do you know your content is great?

In order to define content greatness, we should start with how content is viewed in your company. There are 2 views about content strategy / creation:

  1. Content as a tactic: If your content is a tactic, its value is secondary and you use it to support other business goals.
  2. Content as a product: But, if content is a product, it delivers intrinsic value to your customers. It doesn’t more than just a supporting role to your business goals. It is your business goal.

As an example, if you have a campaign to generate leads, getting more leads would be your primary goal. Whether customers are happy with your content or not doesn’t really matter as long as they fill a lead form. However, if you care whether customers are satisfied with your content or not, then you see content as a product. You use content to enhance your brand positioning and to help customers solve problems.