The new normal – life after covid-19

Michelin has called employees to come back to work since 1 April. As everyone remembers, France is one of the countries with a wide spread of the virus. The company implements a number of safety measures including having hand sanitiser everywhere and designing new silicone-based N95 respirator mask for employees that can be reused up to 100 times.

It’s a challenge of choices between a virus crisis and an economic crisis. Its union is not happy as they see that the company put its employees at risk.

There are a lot of debates now from 2 sides. What is more important between people’s health VS. their economic and financial situation?

The truth that we have to accept is as long as there is no cure nor vaccine our lives wouldn’t be the same. It’s a new new normal that we have to adapt ourselves for both personal and professional aspects.

In businesses, consumers will look at companies’ safety measures as the first criteria in their purchasing decision. Human interactions won’t be the same. We will see new marketing campaigns to build consumer’s trust.

It’s the new normal that we have to accept.


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