What I learn from Twitch marketing strategy

I learn that I am right in what I believe. The new era of marketing, especially for those companies that don’t have a strong brand positioning, is to create a niche community.

I don’t play games so I only know Twitch from Facebook posts and marketing articles. Twitch is a streaming platform similar to Netflix but targeting gamers. Twitch was founded on June 2011. Seven years later it has amassed more than 100 million unique monthly users, of which 15 million are daily active users.

Community marketing is what Twitch excels.

As voiced in the following video from HP Matter, Twitch’s strategy “echoes a core principle of the internet itself: people want to learn and they want to connect with each other”. The role of the brand has been to “build a community around a niche and create clever ways of providing value.

Richard Liu

Twitch is different from Netflix, Stan, and others in that it gives a control power to its audience. Streamers can record videos, host online events, and interact real-time with their followers.

Twitch basically maximises the concept of the Internet by allowing people to connect and learn off one another. It picked the right niche market and went to the extreme.

The new marketing is all about having the right community and its members have a win-win business relationship.


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