The online business model for complicated products

All the signs are leading us to go online. But, can you sell any product online? What if your product is very expensive, or required high or long term commitment, or very complicated to explain?

It is possible but it requires a thought through consideration. Assuming that you have an exisiting business that relies mostly on offline sales and marketing approach. Then, the virus crisis hits. There are 3 factors to consider if you plan to move your model online.

  1. Existing customers. It is important to find the loyal customers who are willing to share your product stories with friends or whoever they talk to. It’s the most cost-effective way of doing brand advertising.
  2. Go niche. No product could suit everyone. Mass marketing will cost you a fortune. In today’s world, even SEO, SEM, social ads, etc are very, very expensive. You will save a lot of money by going niche, or even hyper-niche.
  3. Invest in content. Complicated products require a lot of explanation. The issue is people don’t have times to read. How can you deliver the explanation in meaningful, engaging ways?

I say everything is possible.


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