What is your contingency plan?

Do you have a contingency plan when things go very bad? If you don’t, I strongly suggest that you should create one. It’s very simple to create a plan. However, it could take some times to build up a backup to the level that you would be safe if bad things happen.

You can start with your family’s financial. You actually should start with the family’s financial. What would the worst case scenario look like? You and your partner are out of jobs at the same time for, say, 12 months. What do you need to survive for 12 months without incomes coming in.

The easiest and most obvious starting point to put the plan in action is to list all necessary expenses e.g. mortgages, school fee, groceries, etc. It will give you the bare minimum amount of money to need per month. Multiplying that number with 12, you get an annual amount. You should then come up with a saving plan to reach that amount while you still have incomes.

I think most people got the above idea. However, not many people are serious about it, nor have a discipline to get through it.

I always prepare for the worst and didn’t expect that something like the virus crisis would happen. I am luckier than a lot of people in many ways. But, it makes me feel good that I can look after my family in difficult times.

If you haven’t done it yet and still earn incomes, I strongly recommend that you do it now.


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