My prediction for the post-virus world

When the whole virus crisis ends, I predict that…

  • There will be more new online business models that we didn’t think of before.
  • More businesses will adopt the work from home model permanently.
  • As a result, building developers will struggle as demands for leasing space will drop.
  • Office furniture sales will drop.
  • More internet equipments will boom.
  • Laptop sales will increase. Microsoft should be happy.
  • The delivery business will spread widely to all sort of products.
  • Printed media will finally die.
  • There will be more social interaction / relationship apps to connect people.
  • People will do online dating through video call apps like Zoom.
  • There will be more online restaurant i.e. a restaurant front will be on Facebook for customers to place order and food will be delivered to customer’s place. There is no need to have a physical restaurant anymore.
  • Online learning will be adopted everywhere.
  • There will be more children as people stay at home more ?? Or condom sales will rise.
  • Of course, there will be more online shopping.
  • Department stores will struggle as shops will be close. People will buy things online.
  • People will need help to maintain their health as they will stay home more.
  • Demand for holidays will increase because people are bored staying at home.
  • There will be a lot of digital events.
  • Movie theatres will struggle.
  • Car sales for consumer use will drop.
  • Car sales for commercial will increase.
  • There will be fewer airlines left.
  • Travel agents will rise to sell holiday packages. Online bookings will be used mainly for accommodation only.

Enough for today.


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