The rule of 7

For marketers, it’s argued that this rule still applies:

Your prospect has to SEE or HEAR your marketing message a MINIMUM of seven times before they take action.

That’s one of the reasons why customers are bombarded with the same messages or the same ad over and over.

In the online world, we can use social media to schedule posts to achieve the rule of 7. Technically speaking, there are 2 methods to do it:

  1. Remarketing: A lot of companies use this method. An email is sent with offers. Customers click on one of the offers and may delete the email. Then, those offers follow them to the website they visit or to Facebook feed, etc. The only annoying thing for me using this approach is the same offers still follow you even though you already bought the offer.
  2. Drip marketing: Drip Marketing campaigns allow you to send a set of messages to your potential customers. Drip Marketing campaigns enable you to consistently send your message out to your audience on auto-pilot. You can target emails and social media to deliver your messages.


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