Reach VS Impression

I don’t normally look at the reach and the impression data. I always jump to the conversions. As it turns out, reach and impression are a good indication of how good content is (I view ads as an annoying thing that marketers do but I buy lots of ads!).

So, what is the difference between reach and impression?

The content that you look at counts as reach. In simple terms, reach refers to the total number of users who choose to see a brand’s content. Reach focuses on getting people to click on your content.

On the other hand, impressions refers to the total number of times when users were exposed to your content on social media. Impressions do not measure whether or not people actually clicked on a link. And they do not measure whether or not a viewer engaged with a post.

They are both important in the following ways:

  • Impression gives you a basis to justify if users engage with your content or not. If your content shows up a zillion times but the reach is very low, you have to rethink about your content.
  • But, if you have very high reach with very small conversions, your content may be good but you probably offer it to the wrong target groups.

At the end of the day, you don’t need a large number of everything. You better have a small number from the right groups of people.


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