Advice for marketers under the current circumstance

I am sure we have the same feeling about the current situation. But, in the end, it will definitely get better. The virus will eventually become another type of flu. Life will go on. It will get worse before it gets better. The best course of action is then to plan what to do during this situation.

We all will enter the down times. No one know how long it’s going to be. My personal, no-reason guess is by 1 July 2020. It would mean anything could happen between now and 30 June. The following is my plan of what to do. I split the plan into 2 phases – down time & recovery time.

During the down time, what you and I should do are the following:

  • Stay positive and optimistic. It’s hard but we have to do our best to stay positive. It will get better. If you tell yourself everyday (that things will get better), you brain will believe you.
  • Prepare for the worst but hope for the best. What is the worst thing that could happen? Prepare for that scenario with your solution. What need to be down if it happens.
  • Show our leadership quality. We need to stay calm and we have to help people around us to feel positive and confident.
  • Continue developing our skill sets. There is no better time than this to improve your skill sets. Recovery time will come quicker than you think. What would the world look like after the virus is under control? How would it change consumer behavior? Can we still do the same marketing strategy and tactics?

What to do in the recovery time? I haven’t thought it through yet. I will think about it and will share with you later.


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