Is it possible to sell without selling?

Is it? I think it is. But, it takes times. You have to invest in building up your reputation as a solution provider. The mentality has to be customers have a problem so they look for a solution. Many of them wouldn’t know exactly how to solve their problem so the first phase of their search would be exploration.

The first step for you is you have to be there when they are exploring for options. The second step would be that they ask you and you provide consultation EVEN IF they might not end up buying a solution from you. In most case, they wouldn’t, at least in the beginning. However, they would remember you and your solution.

When they have a problem that relates to your solution in the future, they will now come to you.

The biggest questions are:

  • Are you willing to spending time helping (your future) customers even though they might not buy from you?
  • Are you willing to offer the best solution to (your future) customers even though you may have to recommend your competitor’s product?

I did it once. I of course didn’t get any sales but I earned trust. Unfortunately, in the direct marketing world, trust is not good enough.


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