In the crisis

It’s hard to believe what has happened to our world today. The virus situation impacts everyone and every business. Hotels got lots of cancellations. People hold on to their holiday plans. Some people are in a panic mode stocking up everything.

I am of the view that things will get better soon. I don’t scientific evidence to back me up only a gut feeling. We should see a positive light from July onwards. What I’d like to encourage all of us to do is to share positive news and to share encouragement, to share hope.

From a business perspective, there are 2 suggestions to choose from. Firstly, we should have promotions to encourage people to spend. And, the other suggestion is safe the money as the return wouldn’t be worth the investment. I did the first suggestion and the result was in line with the second suggestion. Unfortunately, I cannot stay still and wait.

I will keep on trying, Winston Churchill once said “If you are going to hell, keep going”. At least this situation is not as bad as going through hell. That’s good news.


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