Sales performance question

I asked myself this question yesterday. What should sales performance depend on? In some companies, different sales persons have different levels of importance. The good ones make a lot of money and become indispensable. When they are away, the overall performance drops. In this case, the sales performance depends very much on individual sales person’s talents/skills.

What if sales performance depends on a product? What does that mean? Is it possible? It means either you don’t have to sell or anyone can sell. It means we need to create demand by showing to the “right” customers that the product can solve their problems.

Apple products don’t require a sales representative. Google has a sales team calling customers to ‘help’ using its services. My perception about Google changed a little when I got those sales calls. It came across quite needy.

So, the question is how we can reach the point where our sales performance depends more on a product not an individual sales person.


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