The science of physical arousal

I found this book that I recommend every marketer to read. It’s called “Contagious – How to build word of mouth in the digital age”. You can use everything in this book to improve your work.

One of the aspects the book touch on is how physical arousal make things get shared. There are 2 types of arousals, namely high arousal and low arousal.

High arousal states, such as anger, anxiety, awe and excitement, make us want to take actions. Take awe for example, when we inspired by awe we can’t help wanting to tell people what happened.

Low arousal on the contrary stifle action. Take sadness, sad people tend to power down. They want to sit still close to the window watching rain.

The key point here is high arousals lead people to share because they kindle the fire, activate people, and drive them to take action. Low arousal emotions (e.g. sadness or contentment) decrease sharing.

This is vey helpful information. I used to think creating a video that make people sad, it would go viral. It flopped. Below is a good summary of the different types of arousal emotions.


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