No one to someone

I got a new team member who has been working with the company for 5 years. I wonder why he has been in the same role with minimal changes in salary. He has great potential and is very eager to learn. It’s the attitude that I like. Something doesn’t add up.

Upon investigation, it turns out he doesn’t have any academic degree, this is his first corporate job, and he is an honest person. Being honest in a corporate environment is not always good, especially if your boss doesn’t like blunt responses (even the facts is the facts).

So, I am going to change his focus and his job. He wouldn’t go back to study. Therefore, I will position him to fill our gap in the Google world. He will be a Google expert in our team – Analytics, SEO, SEM, Google big query, etc. He has to get all relevant Google certificates for his future references.

I am excited with the idea. If I could change someone’s life for the better, I feel fulfilled even though he might leave us one day. I am a university. My team graduate from me, hopefully for a better future.


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