Marketing inspiration from Taylor Swift

I have read quite a number of articles about how Taylor Swift planned her new album and music video launches. You have to admit, she is a great marketer. Her success is calculated and hard-working. There are 3 things that we all can learn from her.

  1. Focus on you superfans and surprise & delight them. I watched a show that Taylor was a guest. It’s very clear to me that she looks after her superfans very seriously. She knows about them well on a personal level. She even attended their life’s events.
  2. Make your customers “feel”. We all know about this. Our marketing activities should touch on customer’s emotions. Not all of us can do, sadly.
  3. Deal with critics creatively. Every brand, every company get critics. There are a number of ways to deal with them, ranging from ignoring them to passionately defending youself. What Taylor does is she uses their criticism to make a ton of money and stand firm. You cannot make everyone happy. It’s hard not to feel offended. I thought I was strong but I was emotional from time to time when I got criticised on social. The best I could do was ignoring them and walking away.

Sometimes I wonder, we all know about how to do good marketing, why can’t I do it successfully or even consistently?


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