Sales and marketing function

The context in this post is specific to my industry. I work in marketing and my goal is to change the way our product is marketed and sold. I believe our product is suitable to certain groups of people, but not for everyone. I also believe that we should create demand and build a brand. I have been testing and trying different inbound marketing approaches in the past 5-6 years, none of them is big enough to make a difference.

My mentor used to tell me, I cannot change the way the company is doing as long as our sales process is not changed. In my mind, I agreed with him but didn’t want to accept it. He said that 3-4 years ago. It has come to my realisation that I have to accept it.

The era that companies “sell” stuff to customers has long gone. The whole company must have the same understanding and act the same way. Marketing should lead sales. Marketing should create demand, not sales.


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