What should PR 2.0 look like?

I am not a PR expert. But, I do have a strong opinion about the role of Public Relations’ in companies. It cannot be the same i.e. writing press releases and send them to journalists. It’s a reactive approach, waiting to be picked by the journalists. Worse, the PR team has no control on how the releases are presented to readers. That cannot be a good business.

The future of PR, or PR 2.0, would look like how Allison Stich, VP of PR at Marriott, described:

  • PR will shift from mass communication to interpersonal communication.
  • PR will shift from looking at PR as editorial space to reaching a consumer’s mental space to make a connection.
  • PR will appeal to a brand’s no. 1 loyal fan rather a lot of people.

I don’t believe a lot of people like to read a press release. I don’t think PR should be waited to be picked. Those PR people are talented writer. They should take a more proactive approach to present their work.


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