Unbundled services in hotels

There is a prediction that in the next 10 years, hotels will apply the same approach as low cost airlines. The approach is to unbundle all service elements and offer them individually with fees. Will it work?

The argument is Airbnb has successfully introduced the concept by separating a cleaning fee from the rate. I found it odds at the beginning. But through times, I feel indifferent. Everyone seems to be ok about it. It works for Airbnb.

My doubt is Airbnb introduced a cleaning fee as a seperate fee since its inception. There was no expectation from customers at that point. Hotels are different. There is a solid expectation there that customers don’t have to pay a (seperate) cleaning fee and Wifi.

So, I am not sure if it’s going to work. What would be the right strategy here? Move first or wait until someone does it? I would wait at this stage.


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