The role of Public Relations (PR)

What is the role of PR in the modern, social media driven world? Many said PR is dead because no one would read a long press release. Also, consumers today do not read magazines or newspaper as much.

I agree and disagree that PR is dead. I don’t like the concept that PR has to prepare a press release, send to a bunch of journalists and wait anxiously which ones will pick a story. You have no control whatsoever in this process. I think this process (or concept) is dead. It makes companies feel good to do this with a minimum return (if they can even measure the return).

I support what I called a PR 2.0. Why do you need to rely on journalists when you can communicate with customers and the public directly? Doing it this way, you take control 100% of every aspect of your stories. You can even put a call to action in your stories.

One important thing to understand though, people don’t read much anymore. They skim through articles, stories, posts, etc. PR should tell compelling, short & sharp stories. How their company or product could solve people’s issues.


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