My promotion formula

I have to do a number of promotions each year. They are mostly to drive short term results. It’s something that I try to change because it’s short-sighted and there are only 2 approaches to play with namely giving discounts or offering adds-on.

But, I am about to come up with another short term promotion. My formula is I go through the below steps of thinking:

  1. I first decide if I will go with offering a discount or an add-on.
  2. I then design a promotion (what is an offer?). This step is important. It has to be a “purple” cow offer i.e. my audience need to stop a car to watch the purple cow.
  3. I decide on a one short message that sums up the promo e.g. A CEO 1-2-3 sale.
  4. I choose an audience network – who will receive this promotion.
  5. I track the result.

Step 2 above is the most important step. If you cannot be different, cannot stand out, you shouldn’t waste your time to send a promo out. Everyone did the Black Friday promotion last year. I mean everyone. So, they all got a very small to nothing for their promotions.

Find the way to stand out. If you decide to have a crazy promotion, you have to go to the extreme.


2 thoughts on “My promotion formula

  1. What happened to number 1 on your Santa wish list Apivut?
    “I wish Santa to give me courage not to do any discount promotions in 2020.”
    If you don’t believe in them why are you doing them?


    1. Hi Jon,
      I don’t want to do the discounts at all. However, I am still working on a foundation that once finished, it should change everything. I only need to deliver February and March results.


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