Social media influencers

Do you use influencers to promote your company, your brand, or your product? We do. Are you happy with the result? I am not entirely sure yet.

We use influencers for lead generation, content creation, and brand awareness. As you can see, lead generation is the only activity in the list that can be measured ROI. In that front, it doesn’t work well for us. It could be because we expect too many things from the program – quantity, consent, data, etc.

But, I find that using influencers for content creation (videos, photos, posts, etc) is worth doing. It’s very cost effective and you will get different perspectives, which is necessary if you have to maintain your social media.

My final advice is you should work with a few, long term influencers. Building relationship with a few is more important than working with a number of short term ones. They will know your product better and they will put more effort to work with you.


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