Two types of innovation

There are 2 types of innovation:

  1. Transformational innovation – as the name suggests, this type is to transform the way thing works. You introduce a new approach to solve problems. An example is Apple introduced an iPod that transformed the music industry.
  2. Incremental innovation – this is a small step that improve the existing process. For example, you introduce a QR code to capture customer data so customers don’t have to fill a form.

The best way, for me, to be innovative is not to think about innovation. I never think that this year or this project needs to be innovative. I look at a problem that I want to solve and I come up with a solution. There is 90% chance that a solution I come up with would at least be the incremental innovation.

Just focus on your business and your customer’s problems. And, you will end up with innovations. If you “intend” to be innovative, you wouldn’t be innovative.


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