A go-to person

I work in a corporate environment in my entire career life. A lot of people come to work just to earn money to pay bills. Many of them have other interests outside work. However, I developed this mentality that I want to make a difference so I often go above and beyond what require in my role. There are a lot of people who think like me. However, there are 2 paths that we have to choose. We often don’t know until it’s too late.

Path 1 – become a go-to person. You earn trust from your colleagues. People always come to you asking for help because they know you know stuff and you can help. You get glory and praises because you help lots of them. The side effect of becoming a go-to person is though you are too busy helping other people and you become mediocre with your own job.

Path 2 – work to make a true difference. This is a lonely path. You learn how to say no more often. You cannot help everyone. You don’t get praises often. You spend a lot of time doing research on how to make your job or to push your company forward. You could fail and you are likely to fail. But, the potential reward is if you can make a difference, you create a history for yourself.

I used to be in path 1 5 or 6 years ago. I chose to change to path 2 because I believe my skills can do more than just what described in my job description. It requires a different mindset. It’s much harder because I am just a small piece of the whole system. But, I feel fulfilled even though I fail more than I succeed. It’s a strange feeling.


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