Customer segmentations

Do you think we focus too much on millennials as a business? I do. I don’t mean to say that they are not important. They are a new generation with a different kind of behaviors. They possess different behaviors when compared to other generations because of the environment they grew up with. However, they are not the only generation that we should focus on. In fact, I am not sure if we should focus on customers based purely on demographic factors like ages, genders, etc.

Segmenting customers bases on psychographic or behavioral factors are something we should look at. Why? I am in mid 40s. But, I like many things the millennials like. I like new gadgets, new smart phones, new social media sites. Better yet, I have higher purchasing power than the millennials.

My point is when imagine who your customers are (aka your customer personas) think about their behaviors. Your “David” persona could be males, love technologies, like adrenaline travel experiences, drive expensive cars, watch Netflix. As you can see, David could be anyone across 3 generations – Millennials, Gen X, and Gen Y. The important bit is you have to craft your message to David about what he likes to get his interests, regardless of his demographics.

Get your customer personas right. Craft relevant messages to them. This is a formula for success in 2020.


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