Are there bad customers?

It might sound harsh and bad for any business. But, I think there are bad customers out there. By ‘bad’, I mean the customers that talk or spread information about your business in a negative way. You can call them a ‘detractor’ from an NPS (Net Promoter Score) perspective. Some of them are worse than being a detractor.

I experience this situation myself. There are a few bad customers. No matter what we do, they are never happy or satisfied. They always find something to criticise the company, the product. They spread bad words on social. Their goal is to ensure that other customers get their messages and their opinions.

My way of dealing with them is not ideal. I first tried to assist and provide the best service I could to them, with the hope that I can change their mind. In doing so for a year and they are still the same, I gave up. Now, I only monitor them. I had to remove 3 of them from our social groups.

My thinking process is there are about 99.9% of our customers that we need to look after. We should not spend 90% of our time dealing with those 5 or 6 bad customers. You wouldn’t be able to change their minds no matter what you do. If possible, just let them go.


3 thoughts on “Are there bad customers?

  1. Hello Apivut,

    What you say is absolutely true. I would like to know your opinion on giving ‘bad customers’ a refund so that we don’t have to waste out time on them? Is this a right practice in your opinion?


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    1. Hi Tushar, it’s not easy and we have to look at it on a case by case basis. The challenge we have is many customers threaten us to use social media to vent their dissatisfactions. So, we have to do whatever we have to stop them. My general rule is that if it’s our mistakes, we issue a refund. If it’s 50:50, we give the customer a benefit of the doubt i.e. we issue a refund. But, if it’s the customer’s fault, we wouldn’t refund regardless of how they threaten us. There are not many customers in the last case. Base on my observation, if they go to social and we can explain, many good customers would support our decision. Apivut

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  2. Hi Apivutsblog, happy new year and well wishes to you. I have been reading your blog since it’s inception (shared to me via a friend) it is great. You share some excellent business strategies and insights and I am glad to have found it. In relation to “bad customers”, what is the best strategy to filter out those who are bad customers wanting to give our business a bad name v those who are just passionate about their cause? I also read with interest a few blogs about your business needing to adding new things. Our company is in the same situation and we have been having ongoing meetings about when to announce this to our customer base. I am concerned that when we announce the potential shake up that we will be flooded with too many complaints and instead we will be dealing with damage control. What is your advice as to when is the best time to tell customers that we are changing something that they won’t like?


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