The 4 functions in a company

I got an email that made me think about the main functions in my company. More specifically, I am questioning about the role of the customer experience function. Is it the same as the marketing function? If it is not, what does this function do? In my mind, there are 4 main functions in a company.

The marketing function: what marketing (should do) does for a company is to give a ‘reason’ for people and/or customers to consider the company’s product as a solution to their problem. In other words, the marketing function creates demand for the company’s product.

The sales function: the job of the sales people should only be fulfilling the demand created by the marketing function. The scope of the sales team should only be limited to fulfill the demand. This function should not create demand by itself.

The customer experience function: once the marketing function get the demand, the customer experience (CX) team will ensure that the journey from there are seamless and memorable. It means their job will crossover from the marketing function to the sales function and to all the service functions.

The supporting functions: these functions are everything else such as all the service functions, Human Resources, IT, Finance, etc. They are the back office functions. They are important as they ensure that the engine is running smoothly.

The CX function is relative new. It has been seriously talked about in the past 5 or 6 years. In my mind, this function should be a part of marketing. Is it a necessary function? I believe it’s a nice to have function. I believe having a customer centric culture is more important than having the CX function. And, as everyone knows, creating and sustaining a culture must start from the top.


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