When I go back to work on 2 Jan

Next year will be a very interesting year for me and for my company. We all know that things will get harder considering that we are a sales-driven and an outbound-based company. It means we care about what we need more than what customers need. That’s why it’s going to be very, very hard.

I have a long list of what need to be done. My mission is still the same. I want to make a difference even though I am just a middle level leader. One key item that I need to do is to change the way we sell our hotel product. Our problem is we have an average, mediocre hotel product with mediocre infrastructure. There is no reason whatsoever for people to care about our product.

What I have in mind is we have to present our hotel product differently. The basic idea is that in the past we use hotels as a selling point and destinations as a supporting reason. The new trend is customers want more experiences. Therefore, we will use the experiences as a selling point, and the hotels will be use as auxiliary. This idea sounds simple but it requires an upside down thinking and execution. We don’t have the infrastructure to do this. And, I don’t know how far I can take this idea to. One thing that I do know is this is the only way to compete in the crowded market.

This is just one item in my list. Next year will be very interesting.


2 thoughts on “When I go back to work on 2 Jan

  1. Apivut – I am intrigued by this bit “We care about what we need more that what customers need.” I feel that maybe this is the bit you need to turn on it’s head? If your company starts caring about what your customers need then maybe you wont need to do so much outbound marketing? In my experience giving customers want they want/need is all you need to do to get great results. It doesn’t matter if your product is not the best on the market if you are filling your customers desires at the right price. After all Mercedes and BMW sell a lot less cars than Toyota and Kia – you don’t need to be the best as long as you aren’t trying to sell mediocre at Mercedes prices.


    1. You are exactly right John. To get out of the cold calling and the outbound game, we need to change our approach. The first thing we need to do is to give what our customers want. It’s an inbound approach that I am pushing. Apivut


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