Online Community Management Tips

I have an opportunity to manage the company’s online communities. I am not sure how I ended up doing it considering English is not my first language. And, of course, most of the customers or the community’s members speak English. Below are what I learn from doing this task for a few years now.

  1. The communication skill is more important than the language skill. I used to worry if I used the right words or if my grammar was flawless. I don’t think about it anymore. The reason I am doing this is to help my customers. As long as I achieve this goal, everything else is secondary.
  2. I cannot get upset or angry, at least customers cannot know that. Some customers are unbelievable (in a bad way). I have to remain professional and hide my true feeling from social media.
  3. All interactions are two way communications. Remember this – those interactions are conversations like when you sit in a meeting room with full of participants.
  4. If bad things happen (complaints, bad news, etc), I have to be quick to acknowledge that I am now aware about those things. I then have to inform the PR team and my management team. I keep monitoring the direction of the conversations. If a conversation goes in the direction I don’t want it to, I need to create a diversion or a distraction.
  5. Mostly importantly, I am dealing with humans. I should expect the unexpected. But, if I genuinely care, customers will protect me.
  6. I have to tell myself everything about the reason why I am doing this job. I have to stay on track and cannot get distracted to whatever force that is thrown at me.

Being an online community manager is not like walking in the park. I have to stay true to myself. It’s not the job that anyone can do it. It helps me learn so much about our customers.


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