The Worst Case Scenario

How do you make tough decisions? Do you require all the information in the world before making any call? Making decisions is something that all leaders have to do. People, more specifically your subordinate, judge you based on this skill.

Some of them judge you if the outcome of that particular decision is not so good. Some of them judge you if you don’t make a decision or eventually make it but it’s too late. Decision making is an intriguing activity.

If you ask me, I make lots of decisions. I make them all quick, I don’t normally take longer than a few days to make any decisions, big or small. I am not saying that all the decisions I made were correct. Many of them were not. But, it is unforgivable for a leader not to make decisions. My tips? Very simple,

  1. I gather all information, in my brain library and other sources. Once the scale of information reaches about 80%, I am ready to make a call.
  2. I create “the worst case scenario” of what would happen if things go south. Can I accept or manage the situation? If I can, then no reason to slow down on anything.

My team or my colleagues always hear me ask “what would be the worst case scenario?” Can we handle it? What preventive actions do we need if things don’t work the way we want? Waiting for a decision to be made is super frustrating. It’s your job to make the damn decision.


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