How do you acquire new knowledge?

Do you ask yourself this question? It doesn’t need to be the exact question. But, how do you add new knowledge for your development? I ask this question to all candidates who apply to jobs in my team. I would say less than 5% answered this question the way I want to hear.

The answer to this question pretty much depends on what you want to achieve in life. If you want to be “above average”, you would have a serious thought about it. If your today’s answer is I don’t do much to get new knowledge, but you want to be successful, you will start doing something about it. The easiest form of new knowledge acquisition is reading. I wasn’t born to love reading. But, I want to be above average so I created a habit to read. I have to read something every day if not I would feel very bad. I can tell you one thing about reading. It changes my life for the better. I have learnt a lot from many great books, great leaders, and great lessons.

Do you want to be above average? If you do, is acquiring new knowledge your daily habit? If it’s not, it’s not too late to start now. The new year is approaching, people who read is many, many steps ahead of you. It’s your catching up game.


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