Will Email Marketing be Dead?

It has been more than 5 years now that some marketing experts have predicted about the end of the email marketing. Their primary reason is because the widespread usage of social media. And, here we are, 5 years later, we still receive a lot of emails. Will email marketing be dead?

In my humble opinion, the email marketing would never die as long as we still have to use our email address as a login to many online services. Facebook, Google, Apple, etc require users to use an email address as a login. Things will change if one day we can use our finger print or facial recognition to login to our accounts. We start to see this trend already. I would say in about 2 years from today, the usage of the email address as the login will change. And, by that time, the email marketing as we know it will also change.

For marketers, we can continue emailing people in the next 2 years. The open rate and the click through rate will decline more and more. Things will get harder if we continue bombarding our customers with cheap deals. Having said that I don’t believe email marketing will be dead. But, it will be in a zombie stage in 2 year.

It’s about time to change.


2 thoughts on “Will Email Marketing be Dead?

  1. I disagree that email marketing is dying. I think unsolicited email marketing is dead – if you just push messages out about the same products it will be useless. But if you have a newsletter or provide valuable tips and then have a marketing message within that people will read your emails and it will lead to sales. But you have to have the information as the primary thing and marketing as secondary – if you do it the other way around people will ignore you and your massage will be in the trash.


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