How to tell good stories

I watched an interesting TedTalk yesterday about how to tell good stories. The speaker is David JP Phillips and you can watch the video here. There is an ingredient that consists of 3 hormones.

  1. Dopamine: Dopamine plays a role in how we feel pleasure. It’s a big part of our unique human ability to think and plan. It helps us strive, focus, and find things interesting. The keyword here is focus. Making audience wait for something, for example, is a way to get their attention.
  2. Oxytocin: Oxytocin plays a crucial role in our social behaviors for the activities including sexual arousal, recognition, trust, anxiety and mother–infant bonding. As a result, oxytocin has been called the ‘love hormone’ or ‘cuddle chemical’. In storytelling, you create empathy.
  3. Endorphin: Endorphins are chemicals produced by the body to relieve stress and pain. They can also help bring about feelings of euphoria and general well-being. You can increase the level of Endorphin by activities like running or exercising. In your stories, you can create Endorphin by making audience laugh, for example.

Very interesting, isn’t it? When you are creating stories next time, please remember the roles of those 3 hormones. You could get more reads and shares.


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