Good strategy for 2020

No, I don’t have business solutions for you next year, sorry. The year end is approaching and some of us is thinking or planning about next year. Will it be harder? What am I going to do to get better results? What is my strategy for 2020?

I read (no I skimmed through) this article – Science Behind Successful Business Strategy – and I don’t get much value out of it. So, I told myself, I will offer a different suggestion. For next year, I would like to encourage you to do one thing for me (well for yourself). Please think, or list, or write down your current business challenges. What are the challenges that keep you awake at night? Write them down.

There is a simple way to help you understand your business challenges. It’s to ask a why question 3 times.

  1. Why can’t I generate sales from my Facebook page? Because I don’t have enough audience.
  2. Why don’t I have enough audience? Because I don’t post valuable content for my customers.
  3. Why don’t I post value able content for my customers? Because I don’t focus on generating valuable content.

Well, your strategy in this example should be creating content that offers your customers’ solutions to their problems.

Doing this is far more important than coming up with mission or vision. Understand your business challenges is the most critical step to develop good strategy. This is my wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year message.


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