Political systems

I am not an expert in politics. I do have opinions and I do know what causes I support. I am an immigrant from Asia. There seems to be an intense pressure from the West that Asian countries must support democracy. Is democracy the best system? Or, is a (country) leader more important than a system?

To be clear, I believe in freedom as long as we respect others. Therefore, I don’t lean towards any particular systems as long as I can do what I want to do, again with respect to others. The reason I raise the above questions is that I read a news piece about the Canadian Prime Minister and was surprised that some Canadians were disappointed about his performance. It makes me think – maybe “compromise” is the major flaw of the democratic system. If the government doesn’t get the majority of the seats, it has to compromise. On the contrary, if the government gains the majority, depending on the quality of the leader, it could be a dictator too.

I could be very shallow about this topic. However, I think the quality of a leader is more important than a system. If a leader cares greatly about his or her people (or team in a business context), any system would do the job.

What do you think?


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