The Coaching Habit

Do you think you are a good leader? What a good leader look like to you? I may have share this quote with you in the past – “Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence”. That is a very good quote. I like it very much. How can we do that?

I attended a leadership conference a few weeks ago. One of the speakers is a writer of The Coaching Habit book. His name is Michael Bungay Stanier. I haven’t read his book yet, but he offered 2 simple questions that stick to my mind until today. The concept is very simple. If you want to help your team develop and want to coach them, ask these 2 questions:

  1. Can you stay curious a little longer?
  2. Can you offer solutions and advice a little slower?

The objective is twofold – 1) asking these questions could help you truly understand the underlining issues, and 2) in doing this, it could help you offer the right advice or it could help your team coming up with a solution themselves.


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