12 Social Media Marketing Predictions

I just read the following article – 12 Social Media Marketing Predictions From the Pros – which is interesting. I suggest you read it to at least catch up on the incoming trend in the social media marketing area.

The key points that I got are there are a lot of advertisements on those social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest. The below statement reminds me about being an average and a lazy marketer. I also buy a lot ads on social and I am the lazy and the average marketer too.

“back in July 2016 on the Q2-2016 earnings call, Facebook CFO Dave Wehner declared that the company was running out of places in the news feed to show people ads. To help mitigate this max ad load, Facebook spun up ads on Instagram in 2018. Soon the ad load started to max out there, too.” How sad is that? There are more than 7 million advertisers on Facebook!

What need to change for us is to focus on our niche. We need to create content that add value to our customer’s lives. Our content must offer solutions, must answer the big why question – why do my customers care about my offer? Then, we have to choose the right platform that our customers use. As there are so many platforms out there, we don’t have to use all of them. Pick one or two and be great at them.


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