Black Friday

Did you receive Black Friday sales emails from in the past 5-6 days? I did. I actually got about a zillion emails about Black Friday Sales from every companies that I could remember. Does it work?

My answer is “I don’t know”. One thing that I know is though it’s a good way to be average. Everyone does it so we should do it too. I actually fell for it too. I am looking for buying something from an electronic store in Australia. I got their email and went to one of their stores last night. The discount wasn’t exciting so I didn’t buy anything.

Doing average work in the crowded space could give you a quick return. However, it hardly gives you a sustainable growth. If you have to discount your prices, it means you may have an issue with your value proposition. Worse, if you do that often, you are basically doing the same thing as 2 million competitors out there.

I don’t do the Black Friday sales. I was thinking I may come up with my own concept such as Red Wednesday instead. It could be a new trend.


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