The most important skill

I got a Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy). I spent half of my adult life studying and got a few Master Degrees + a Ph.D degree. I came to Australia and have worked in a hospitality company in the past 15 years. I am the only one who has these many degrees. At one point, I questioned myself if I need those degrees to be successful in my career. I hardly use the knowledge in my degree at work.

Luckily, I mentioned this topic to my boss at the time. He left the company many years ago and we are still in touch. He is my mentor. He told me that one of the key strengths that makes me different from others is “my research skill”. And, he said that was what I got from my degrees. His explanation is very valuable to me because it makes me understand the importance of this skill.

As I mentioned in the previous post, a good strategy has 3 components. One of them, and the starting point, is a diagnosis of the situation. If you don’t understand the challenges you are facing, you will never have a good strategy. And, in order to gain insights about the situation, you need to do a lot research. What Mark (my former boss) told me is exactly the process I go through every time I deal with any challenges. I spend most of my time in the process to understand what is going on.

Academic degrees are one thing. They may not be as useful as you think when it comes to career progression. But, the research skill that comes with it is so valuable, at least to me.


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