Ongoing words of mouth

Do you know that there are 2 types of words of mouth? One is immediate words of month and the other one is ongoing words of mouth. As the names imply, the immediate words of mouth has an immediate effect but it doesn’t last long. They are both important depending on products.

What make words of mouth ongoing then. It would be helpful to have customers talking about your product on an ongoing basis. But is it even possible? Apparently, research says it is. The key ingredient that you need to make it happens is called a ‘trigger’. You need a trigger to keep reminding customers to think and talk about your product.

As an example, when talking about having a break, what product that comes up in your mind? I bet more than half of us would say Kit Kat. This is because Kit Kat relates itself with coffee and having a break. Therefore, when people want to have a break, it ‘triggers’ them to think about Kit Kat.

It sounds simple but I still figure out how I could position my company’s product with a trigger. What’s about your product? Do you associate it with any trigger?


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