The essence of strategy

Do you apply strategy in life? When talking about strategy, many people assume its application only to business. In fact, you should apply the concept to your everyday life. It’s not difficult but the potential outcome is so worth it.

A simple way to explain about a strategy is that it is an action that you take in order for you to get the outcome you expect. What I mean is if you follow this principle, you will have to approach everything with the expected outcome before you take any action. You will stop reacting but responding instead. Reacting is an emotional state to a particular situation which you have less control. Responding is the opposite. You insert control in your action.

Remember this – the most important of being in control of any situation, i.e. the essence of strategy, is the ability to master your emotions. Anger is the most destructive of emotional response, for it clouds your vision the most.

Don’t let emotions cloud your judgement.


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