Social Media Community

I am lucky that I have an opportunity to introduce a Facebook group for our members to the company. A number of people were afraid about the idea but somehow it happened. My goal is I wanted to create a ‘window’ that allows us (the company) to see the outside world, on how customers think and feel about us. It would be a good source of information that could answer a lot of questions of why certain things happen in certain ways, for example, what members like and don’t like.

Managing a large group of customer community is not an easy task. You have to deal with all types of customers – some love the product/the company, some hate it, some has special agenda, some just wants to attack the company. The first, and most important, rule for myself, as a community manager, is to take emotion out of the equation. The less you feel emotional, the more control you have in managing the community. In the end, they are all our customers.

The second rule is you have to protect your team. Not all posts and comments are nice. Some are very nasty. Some customers are really, really rude. Seeing negative posts or comments or getting attacked very often could drain your team’s morale. We are all human so regardless of how hard we try, we still have emotion. As a leader, I have to protect my team. What I normally do is to use myself as a bait to pull all interests towards me and leave my team out of the whole situation. In doing this, I have to stay away from a company from time to time because it could be very frustrating.

My final word is you need to have a high purpose of why you do what you do. My goal is I want us to get closer to customers, to understand their issues and to encourage the company to act quickly to customer’s problems. The high purpose will keep you going. If you do it because it’s just a job, you won’t last long.

Emotions and social media cannot be together. Trust me.


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