What is your ‘just cause’?

I am thinking about this very idea of why I go to work everyday. Why do we do what we do as a company? We are a holiday club company. In a blunt, dry way, we are selling a holiday membership that have a life of forever. It’s getting harder and harder to justify why people would be interested in this product. What is our selling point? Why would people care about our product?

In the past many years, we tell ourselves that we don’t sell a holiday membership. We help people to holiday. But, there are a zillion companies out there doing exact same thing with less commitment. Maybe this is not our “why’, not our ‘just cause ‘ of why we do what we do.

We need to take a step further by asking ourselves, why do people holiday? The answers varies. But again, we don’t have to be everything to everyone. We can pick only one answer and be good at it. And, my pick is – our “just cause (why we do what we do)” is we bring family together. We come to work everyday to help family members being together. Holidays, apartments, hotels, are just a facilitator that allows us to do that.

What is your just cause?


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