Don’t be everything to everyone

The one principle in marketing that I learn in my career is that we cannot be everything to everyone. It’s a formula for mediocrity which will turn you to complacency. It is not possible that you could have a product or a marketing campaign that work or suit everyone. It’s like you try to cook a Thai dish for all nationalities. The result? A mediocre Thai dish that is not tasty or spicy enough for Thais, that is not a true traditional dish for Westerners.

What you need to think about is what type audience who would benefit from your offer, solution or product. You then design a product to suit them. It will increase your focus, maximise your marketing spend, and have a message that is relevant to that particular group.

Seth Godin call this concept Minimum Viable Audience – the audience that is big enough for you to be profitable. Find them, create an ecosystem for them, and nurture them with valuable content and solution.


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