Inbound and Outbound Marketing

General speaking, there are 2 types of marketing – inbound and outbound. It’s a hot topic in our environment. I work in an outbound environment with a little success in inbound. What are the differences between the 2? What is it much harder to do inbound marketing?

My own definition is that – when doing outbound, customers generally don’t know and don’t want to talk to us. We call or email them out of the blue. Some of them, but very small portion, might like our offers. The only thing that works for the outbound campaign is a discount.

Inbound marketing is when customers want to talk to us. Some even look forward to hear from us. How can we do that? An easy answer but difficult to achieve is we have to provide valuable content that help them solve problems. Inbound takes time, and there is no short cut. It’s extremely hard to do if you are in a reactive and a right-now result driven environment. However, it’s the only way to do marketing if you want a sustainable success.

I still struggle today but cannot give up. It’s a long battle and I am prepared to be in this game for a long run.


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